Eduardo Rosas a.k.a Young Thowed a.k.a Thoweda Rosas (born 1992) is a rapper, entrepreneur from Austin, Texas.

He began his career recording music when he was 14. Releasing mixtapes online, and frequent features "Keep Austin Thowed" is hard to ignore. 100Trillion's Independent recording artist Young Thowed brings a Texas sound with an undeniable flow.

Straight from the Artist

Rock with me World!!

I do this for those who shared a similar struggle, share that common hustle, the go gettas and grinders, real rap shit. Everyday I wake up prayed up. I get up and get paid.

I bring out the dark and shed light on it. I bring in those who know very little about our world, and show how we living in these streets. It's really goin down in the south num talkin bout!!!!

From my hood to your hood, Born in Harlingen, Texas, a city close to the notorious Border line between the U.S and Mexico, where the drug trade is really the only promise of fortune to a young hustler, I knew I had to become something much greater.

Keep Austin Thowed.